Musical Instrument Vendors

We are selling various kinds of eastern music instruments & western instruments as well.... Now a days it's trend to use eastern & westurn instruments both together in countries like Sri Lankan ochestras. You are invited to get in to our plase to see the types of instruments & the prises as well....

Music Classes

Like now, with the intend of three music teachers we are hoping to start our new group classes session with new methods of training & exersises... Since the age 4 years till more elder, all of you can join our lessons... & I would tell you that our main ambition is forming you a perticular great instrument player... make sure you will catch all the music tips too within ur course of music.... Wish you Good Luck all !!!


Sathya Multi Arts group is hoping to start a first class catering servise in three months ahead. We wish to spred our services for every kind of ceremonial occations... & We'll inform more about this in near future & in the mean time we can form our servise to be with islandwide fasilities...!